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About Us

Light Notes Inc. is an architectural lighting design firm specializing in custom home lighting design and aerospace grade fiber optic lighting for the purpose of presentation and preservation of priceless artifacts.  


Fiber Optic Lighting Design & Installation

We design spaces using patented optics, filters and fixture components to perfectly balance the light providing stunning clarity to the eye.  The result is a perfectly precision-tuned UV and IR free light source with a Color Rendition Index of 100.


Gallery Snapshot

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Vicky and I have been in our house for just over a year, now, and I feel it is time to comment on the exceptional lighting that you have provided.  We both feel that the lighting that you designed (and presided over during its installation) is the highlight of our home.  You offered us a design that was far superior to the schematic that was included with our original house plans.  Our very contemporary home is so much nicer-- and allows for more efficient living-- with a design that effectively lights up the "work spaces" as well as highlighting the artwork on the walls.  We especially appreciate the various filters that provide specific degrees of illumination.  The comments that we have received from visitors are evidence that the lighting in our home is the feature that attracts the most attention. 

You have obviously mastered the art of creating effective and beautiful lighting as it pertains to a designated space.  We also greatly appreciate the quality of your work and your dedication to perfection. 

There are many features that we love about our custom home, and the lighting by Light Notes, Inc. is most assuredly at the top of the list! 

Thank you so much! 

Richard Nunamaker - Grand Mesa Vineyards, Cedaredge Colorado

The lighting in our wine cellar has been one of the highlights of our home. It has now been more than 11 years and they still function like new. It is the perfect lighting for our wine cellar: it is cool both in temperature and appearance. The handcrafted sconces and pendant really creates the old charm of candlelight and torches. We love spending time just talking and tasting wines in the cellar. Thanks for making it so beautiful, functional and fun.
— Miguel Damien, Little Silver New Jersey / Crested Butte Colorado