Investment (fiber optics):

     Check for the Purchase of Alaska Illuminated by UV and IR free Fiber Optics.

     Check for the Purchase of Alaska Illuminated by UV and IR free Fiber Optics.

At Light Notes, we recognize the importance of preserving fine wines for their investment value as well as for their ultimate drinkability and enjoyment.

Illuminating your wine cellar is much like lighting a museum where perfect presentation and preservation is demanded.  Inadequate storage, poor temperature control or poor lighting can compromise collectible wines every bit as much as any valuable historical document or artifact.  The values of very fine wines are not established just by auction value of their contents.  The label is critical to establishing not only provenance, but the care taken in its handling.  It is often the wine's certificate of authenticity.  Faded wine labels put the wine's source into question and raises questions as to the quality of the bottle’s contents.  

All the rules about proper document preservation apply as well to the finest wine collections.  The cellar is not just a vault for liquid treasures.  It is also quite literally a paper archive that demands the highest preservation standards.  

Fiber optic technology is known amongst purveyors of the finest wines.  For example, Hedonism wines, a London wine boutique located in the Mayfair section of London uses a fiber optic system to illuminate the distinctive Chateau d’Yquem and their other fine rare wines.  Château d'Yquem wines are known for their longevity. With proper care and lighting, a bottle will keep for a century or more.  (LD&A 7-14)  The system at Hedonism ensures that their rare and highly valuable bottles are unaffected by light to maintain their value and unique oenological characteristics.

Light Notes lighting design protects your investment while providing spectacular display.