About Light Notes Inc.


Light Notes is a specialized architectural lighting design firm.  Read Hunker, has been enhancing the architectural environment by providing sensible and remarkable lighting design for over 25 years.  Light Notes specifies a variety of state-of-the-art products and provides detailed and complete solutions best suited to meet owner's objectives.  We work in concert with the architect, interior designer, builder, electrician, homeowner, or homeowners representative.  Light Notes only specifies products best suited to meet the project objectives and does not receive royalties or endorsements as a result of specifying any particular product.  With respect to IALD code of ethics, all materials are sold at wholesale costs when purchased through LNI.

Light Notes also designs with a patented aerospace grade fiber optic lighting system for the purpose of presentation and preservation of fine wine collections and priceless artifacts including but not limited to paintings, textiles, Native American baskets, and cigar cases.  Anything where spectacular presentation and complete preservation is demanded.

While the 100 CRI Fiber Optic system was initially developed for illuminating light sensitive artifacts in fine museums such as the Smithsonian, Read pioneered the application in 2003 to be used in custom wine cellars with fine wine collections.  With an emphasis on spatial drama, Read's knowledge of fiber optics produces spectacular presentation by fine tuning the light source with precision, creating spectacular presentation while maintaining uniform temperature and humidity levels.    

about the founder:

Read Hunker 

Read Hunker 

As previous owner of Crested Butte Electrical Inc., Read Hunker acquired twenty years of practical experience in the electrical contracting industry.   

After the sale of Crested Butte Electrical Inc. in 1997, Read created Electrical Logic Inc., a lighting and electrical systems design firm with a particular emphasis in providing high end lighting design in custom homes and bussineses.  Over a ten year span, Electrical Logic Inc., designed projects in Crested Butte CO, Telluride CO, Steamboat CO, Dallas TX, Lake Cherokee TX, Chicago IL, San Francisco CA, Stuart FL and Dáte Japan to name a few.  

After 30+ years conducting business from Crested Butte CO., Electrical Logic was sold in 2008 and Light Notes Inc. was born in its new location, Hotchkiss CO. Read continues to provide creative lighting design with functionality and spatial drama with a commitment to energy efficiency.    


The peacock feather symbolizes protection for outstanding preservation of your investment and represents perfect color which ensures spectacular presentation.  There is simply nothing finer in artificial lighting design and installation than the product and skills Read brings to every project.