What We Provide: (fiber optics)

  • The development of lighting design goals and objectives through meeting with interior designer, architect, wine cellar consultant and owner or owners representative.
  • design assist and implementation of custom decorative fixture and adaptation to fiber optics as necessary.
  • Design/build custom illuminated wine displays and decorative light fixtures. 
  • Provide adaptation of fiber optics into existing (wired) decorative light fixtures. 
  •  Detailed dialog between all pertinent sub-contractors to ensure complete cross-discipline coordination. 
  • Fine tune, focus, aim luminary optics, and employ filters as needed to ensure original design intent.    
  • Provide all materials and labor for a complete installation.   

what we provide: (lighting design services)



  • Development of lighting design goals and objectives through meeting with architect, owner, interior designer, and any other project key players.
  • Preparation of preliminary/schematic electrical and lighting system design per project objectives.
  • Preparation of preliminary lighting fixture schedule and lighting-related architecture requirements and details.
  • Development of lighting control system strategies.
  • Assistance in developing initial project lighting budgets.
  • Presentation of initial lighting design conceptually and/or CAD-based drawing sets. 


Cellar Framing.JPG
  • Provide detailed plans for the electrical contractor with specific bidding instructions.
  • Provide final lighting fixture schedule and lighting fixture specification cut sheets.
  • Provide detailed lighting control system load/station/enclosure schedules.
  • Provide electrical service calculations and breaker panel schedules.
  • Provide lighting fixture installation details for specialty lighting which influence architectural requirements.
  • Provide approved plans to General, HVAC, Plumbing, A/V, and Security Contractors to ensure cross-discipline coordination.                       


  • Provide initial site conditions walk-through with project team to verify job conditions and make necessary adjustments.
  • Provide on-site project assessment throughout the construction phase.
  • Ensure proper cross-discipline coordination.
  • Programming the lighting control system to meet specific client requirements.
  • Review of the entire electrical and lighting control system with client.
  • Preparation of punch-lists.
  • Directing of fixture focusing process to ensure properly aimed accent lighting.
  • Preparation of “as-built” drawings representing exact site conditions.
  • Preparation of detailed lamp inventory and maintenance schedules.